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“Had and still have the pleasure to collaborate with Cindy for the execution of sales plans and for the recruitment of new clients. Cindy is a highly trustworthy, dedicated and self-motivated executive. Always willing to got the extra mile and take initiative with only one objective in mind: achieve goals and drive results. Someone to rely on…” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, CreativeGlobal Online Licensing Marketplace

– Patrick Van Den Brande, Licom Int’l

“Thank you Cindy for working on, contributing to, and supporting my campaign. I could never have done this without you.” – Cindy was an energetic source generating all the electronic communications (blog, mass-email, social media … I appreciated Cindy’s professionalism, enthusiasm, and ideas. This campaign was definitely better because she was a part of it…”
Marie-Panec-for-Congress– Marie Panec, Democratic Candidate for Congress, District CA-24


“Cindy’s strategic focus and dedication was instrumental to the establishment of Cartoon Network‘s publishing presence in Latin America. She developed relationships with key licensees and publishers, and built our brands into publishing programs for Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo, Cow and Chicken, Dexter’s Laboratory etc. Cindy launched one of our first Cartoon Network Magazines; she’s a true professional.”

Barry Koch, SVP/GM Cartoon Network Latin America, TBS


“I got to know Cindy and worked closely with her on business development and strategy in China. She is an outstanding professional with deep passion for her work; she also has great organizational and managerial skills. Cindy is fast, efficient, detailed, and always to the point. At the same time, she brings a great ‘human touch’ to her work that makes a huge difference in client relationship and produces positive results in the projects she works on. This is also why we have remained friends for all these years, and I still benefit greatly from her professional advise on many aspects of business, and her wonderful friendship in life.

-Ning Tao, Golden Peach Publishing


Cindy is an invaluable resource! Her tool box of branding know-how, web design, and information organization is time saving and affordable. In this age of information overload, let Cindy help you stand out from the rest without investing a fortune and without taking months to accomplish.”

– Loretta Redd, Crisis Navigation Executive Coaching


Cindy’s international experience and track record at Warner Bros. were a few of the main reasons we sought her services at Big Tent Entertainment. We saw opportunities in Latin America and needed someone with the experience and know-how to navigate what can be a trick market. Cindy was instrumental in helping establish a foundation of agents and licensees for many of our key brands such as The Koala Brothers and Habbo. Under Cindy’s guidance we launched a very successful publishing program in Latin America with Random House. Cindy also lead the efforts between our Latin American broadcast partners and licensees. I strongly recommend Cindy for any role involving Business Development in the Latin American region.

-Rich Collins, CEO of Big Tent Entertainment


“Cindy Faith at PlanABrand helped us get our business started. We have always dreamed of having our own business. Thanks to Cindy, our Dream is now a reality. She is helping us to develop a strategic plan; that plan is getting us from point A to Point B much faster, and more precisely and effectively than we could ever do on our own. I highly recommend utilizing her expertise to anyone starting a business, looking to grow their current business, or make a career change.’

-Maryanna & Evan Piacentini – Craft in Stone

“Cindy Faith and PlanABrand have been a great asset to the launch of TravelTipsAndTours.com for the web and m.URaTrip.com for your mobile device. Her insights regarding branding, coupled with her prompt service during tight deadlines, has been critical to our success, and we’ve received rave reviews for the promotional materials she implemented.”

-Marie Profant, President, URatrip.com

“Cindy Faith produces results! She quickly assesses client needs and provides a variety of exciting and creative solutions.”

-Jean Weidemann, President
Create Global Change and Weidemann Foundation

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